Intel Curates Its Own & You’re Own ‘Museum Of Me’


Why sponsor an exhibition when a brand can create its very own museum – and one that offers personalised exhibitions for just about everybody? Well everyone who has online access, a computer and a Facebook page.


Intel’s Museum of Me creates a personalised gallery of any individual’s Facebook friends, interactions, photos and locations – thus making an exhibit of your life – well, your Facebook life anyway.


Basically it curates your Facebook life by using the most liked and visited data from your Facebook account. Each and every show opens with the user’s name and a line about how the show is a “journey of visualisation that explores who I am’ and ends with a photo collage of your friends making up a photo of you.


Created by Japanese agency Projector Inc – this is basically an online advertising campaign for Intel in the guise of a social network driven museum initiative.


It links to the site through Facebook Connect which gives Intel access to all of your photos, links, films, friendship, likes and location details, as well as all the information your friends post to your wall. It then proceeds to ‘mine’ this data to create a personalised film about you/starring you/for you.




This new “Museum of Me” Facebook app enables the chip giant to curate something personal (and thus relevant and engaging) for pretty much everyone. Narcissistic? Yes!. An interesting exhibition from which people can learn a great deal about life and culture? Probably not!


The early signs are that it is proviong extremely popular and successful. Notching up a staggering 125,000 ‘likes’ in just its first day.


Around 95% of US adults under the age of 50 now have a Facebook page of some kind or another. But do all these people understand how much of their information, details, data and secrets they are sharing with the world. And how it can come back to haunt them?





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