Idents+Buy/Sell Integration Lead Gumtree’s Big Brother Sponsorship

Classifieds website Gumtree.com leverages its UK sponsoring of this year’s Channel 5 series of Celebrity Big Brother with a campaign that makes the programme’s furniture the star of the show.


The partnership activation is led by a set of creative idents featuring everyday items mirroring the typical antics of Big Brother housemates and bringing inanimate objects to life.


The five- and 15-second idents appear as bumpers for each ad break on the nightly shows and on eviction nights, plus they are running on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit on the Side’ and on video-on-demand coverage online on Demand 5.


The 28 idents were created by Fold7 and include,







Utilising its own digital platforms, Gumtree’s show integration actually began before the programme even began when the classifieds site actually gave its own sellers a chance to offer the items they were putting up on the site for sale to Big Brother to buy.


In total more than 50,000 individual items were offered to the producers of the show to use in the Big Brother House.


Furthermore, viewers will also be able to purchase many of the items in the Big Brother House that are being used by the celebrities in the house through Gumtree.com platform


All proceeds from the sale will be donated to charity


The campaign aims to demonstrate how Gumtree can give your household items a new lease of life.


‘By giving the furniture voices and having them mirror some of the behaviour we’ve grown to expect from Celebrity Big Brother housemates, the furniture becomes the star of the show,’ explains Fold7 partner Harry Sheward.


‘We’ve had a lot of fun giving inanimate objects celebrity-sized egos, and we’re sure the campaign will reflect the fun nature of the show,’ comments Gumtrre head of brand and comms Sam Diamond.


‘We’re excited to have been able to enhance the most beautiful CBB House ever created with items sourced through Gumtree.’


Rhiannon Murphy, the head of TV at the7stars, helped negotiate the sponsorship deal with Channel 5 and Endemol, said ‘The innovative integration of Gumtree and Big Brother will bring to life how easy it is to do a great deal on Gumtree.’




Its peak period may be long gone, but Celebrity Big Brother remains Channel 5’s most popular show.


It generates an audience of between 3m and 4m for each programme.


And we certainly admire the interactive and germane way in which the sponsor has genuinely integrated its brand, its own platform and its own customers into the show




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