Henkel’s Big Brother Product Placement Deal

Right Guard (deodorant) and Theramed (toothpaste) will be amongst the Henkel brands stocked in the latest UK ‘Big Brother’ house as part of a product-placement deal.


The product placement initiative, which will also include got2b styling products and Gliss shampoo, are part of a £2m partnership between the parent group Henkel and Channel 5.


This deal also sees Henkel’s Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL hair dye play the headline sponsor of ‘Big Brother’, ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ and ‘Big Brother’s Bit on the Side’.


The products will be put in house’s bathroom with additional supplies available in the larder.


Ben Haxworth, head of marketing at Schwarzkopf & Henkel, said that placing Live Color XXL hair dye in the ‘Big Brother’ bathroom for the housemates to use is a “natural extension of this highly innovative sponsorship deal”.


The deal was negotiated with Channel 5 and producer Endemol by MEC Access on Henkel’s behalf.


Chantal Rickards, head of programming and branded content at MEC Access, said the partnership allows all partners to get the best out of the sponsorship, product placement and product integration opportunities for the TV series.


‘It has been a collaborative and symbiotic process with all parties really wanting to make it work for each other’,’ she added.




While Channel 5 has previously shown two films in the ‘Big Brother’ house (Touchstone Pictures’ ‘Fright Night’ and Paramount Pictures’ ‘Paranormal Activity 3’), this is the first time a brand has paid for a physical product to appear in the show.


Regardless as to whether this type of deal is sponsorship or not, it is certainly another flagship demonstration of how brands are leveraging the revised UK TV product placement legislation.







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