Esurance Facebook Fans Vulcanize Via Star Trek Tie-In

Insurer Esurance is offering trekkies and film fans exclusive assets (from behind-the-scenes footage to prizes) as part of its Facebook-led ‘Star Trek Into Darkness partnership with Paramount Pictures.


For those who ‘Like’ the financial brand’s Facebook page, a well of Star Trek goodies and titbits is on offer ranging from behind-the-scenes footage to a sweepstakes competition, wallpaper and screensavers downloads and an interactive ‘Vulcanize’ gaming program that allows users to transform themselves into a Vulcan (and share the personalised image).


‘The Vulcanizer’ online element enables fans to upload photos of themselves (remember, Vulcans never smile), transform the image into a Vulcan and then share that image digitally (via email, mobile and social channels).


The only online footage from the new JJ Abrams 3D movie, starring Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Benedict Cumberbatch, Simon Pegg and  Karl Urban and debuting on 17 May, is exclusively available through the insurer’s social media site.


The partnerships creative assets include a ‘making of’ clip, an “Embrace the Darkness” sweepstakes in which the grand-prize winner (and guest) will attend the US premiere and receive $2,500 in travel expenses, as well as a set of wallpapers, screen savers, icon, and movie posters.


To enter the competition fans simply need to log on to facebook.com/esurance and follow on-screen links to the Embrace the Darkness Sweepstakes.




If synergy is key to successful sponsorship, one might question the degree of the fit between a direct to consumer personal car insurance company and Star Trek.


While, the company’s PR around the movie tie-in draws a parallel between the company’s reputation for bringing car insurance into the modern world and the film’s future focused theme, some consumers might nevertheless fail to see the fit.


‘Much like Star Trek: Into Darkness takes movie audiences to exciting new worlds, Esurance, as car insurance for the modern world, is taking car insurance to the next level,’ Esurance Chief Marketing Officer John Swigart said of thee tie-in. ‘This film is one of the most widely anticipated movies in years, and we’re excited to have the opportunity to offer fans a chance to see the premiere and enjoy a unique Facebook experience that they can share with their friends.’


How many people love a film franchise enough to ‘Like’ an insurance company’s Facebook page and have their news feeds filled with financial services offer ads and deal details? It remains to bee seen,




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