Coke Cheer Truck Amplifies Argentina Team Sponsorship


Coca-Cola, an official sponsor of the Argentine National Team, is running a truck tour campaign as the core of a campaign that aims to bring the brand closer to the country’s football fans and show combined support the national side.


The idea, developed by the soft drinks giant and agency Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, (Buenos Aires), was to capture the cheers of fans of the national team right across the country.


Based on the classic ‘national unity through sport’ ideal, Coke Argentina built a red Coke-branded truck fitted with an onboard recording booth (and hefty external speakers) to collect the cheers and songs of over one million Argentinean fans.


A digital screen mounted outside the truck kept a count of how many fans had recorded their cheers.


The truck toured all across the country, from major urban centres to far-flung rural regions, covering 10,200 kilometers. Fans were encouraged to record their cheer as the vehicle drove through 19 different provinces in Argentina.


After mixing all the voices together, the truck then visited an Argentina’s national team match, taking place in a stadium holding 50,000 people, and blared out the sound of a million patriotic voices cheering for the side.


Recording around 2.5% of the total population of Argentina’s voice is a fairly impressive achievement for a single vehicle.


The truck’s next stop? The 2014 World Cup in Brazil!


This initiative further builds on Coca-Cola’s long term heritage of using trucks as a part of its ‘owned media’ marketing and its more recent trend of creating marketing campaigns built around the travelling truck concept – see The Happiness Truck case study as well as its Olympic Torch Relay ‘Beat Fleet’ trucks.


This in-person experience brings fun and goodwill to those its passes and fulfils the brand promise of spreading happiness throughout the world.




The Cheering and Happiness Truck campaigns work on several levels of engagement.


There are those who simply see it as a mobile billboard curiosity handing out branded treats and surprises in local communities and at major events, while others who participate in its interactive mechanics which link to a wider campaign that has a broader underlying objective.


Coke a long association with both the professional and amateur game at both global and local levels. It first advertising at the World Cup in 1950 and has been an official FIFA partner since 1978.


In Argentina, the brand is an official sponsor of the Argentine Soccer Association (Asociación del Fútbol Argentino, AFA) and of the Argentine National Team since 1988. It also sponsors the pan-Americas Cup, the world’s oldest international competition.


The Company is also supports youth and grassroots initiatives: such as its nine-year backing of the AFA’s Copa Coca-Cola inter-school soccer tournament.








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