Cadillac Backs Automobile Magazine’s iPhone App


General Motors premium brand Cadillac is promoting its CTS-V Coupe vehicle with a launch sponsorship of Automobile magazine’s new iPhone application.


When the application is loading, a screen appears that includes a Cadillac sponsorship message. This feature enables app users to click on Caddy ad units to launch a branded microsite with special content and features, without ever leaving the application.


The microsite includes multimedia content pertaining to the CTS-V Coupe.


The initiative aims to support Cadillac’s wider current initiative to drive brand awareness of the CTS Coupe with an affluent demographic by engaging them with rich media. The sponsorship is part of the car brand’s wider aim of targeting 25 to 54-year-old consumers with annual household incomes greater than $200,000.


The benefit for Cadillac in this premium sponsorship campaign through the Automobile Magazine app is that they are guaranteed placement juxtaposed with respected, trusted and appropriate third-party content.


Automobile’s new iPhone App focuses largely on automotive industry developments and includes news articles, photos and videos. Zumobi helped develop the app and the in-house design team produced the Cadillac ads for the app – these were displayed using the mobile media company’s BrandBlast advertising platform. BrandBlast allows the Cadillac promotional materials to take the appearance of distinct application experience within the Automobile application.


The application is available for free in the Apple App Store and is compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch.




Cadillac is just one of a slew of car brands currently pursuing mobile and app based advertising strategies.


By sponsoring Automobile Magazine’s app, rather than producing its own, the GM brand gains an element of independent leverage and also associates itself with a publishing brand recognised for being at the forefront of new auto technology.







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