Boring Milner Stars In Man City Video Advent Calendar

Inspired by the parody @BoringMilner Twitter account, utility player James Milner played up to his ‘dull’ image in a brilliant spoof Christmas video that was the standout piece of creative within the official Manchester City Advent Calendar.


Milner’s acting versatility certainly impresses as the 28-year-old midfielder is interrupted whilst reading a book called ‘Avoid Boring People’ by the club’s kitman Les Chapman who he welcomes into his ‘home’ and then chats to whilst opening presents from various Milner family members.


All the gifts are wrapped in plain brown paper as he ‘doesn’t like too much colour’.


The ‘dull’ presents range from a box of PG Tips from Uncle James (Yorkshireman Milner is left perplexed by this ‘exotic’ tea brand), to a set of dumpling moulds from Auntie Jay and an eraser, pencil and sharpener from his Auntie James.


‘That’s going to come in handy. They get a bit giddy with pink ones these days but you can’t beat a white rubber. Pencil sharpener – marvellous,’ comments comic Milner.



There is also a behind-the-scenes YouTube video – which combines with the club’s festive hospital visit.



The Boring Milner spoof stunt ran on Manchester City’s official YouTube page and was just one of a set of daily video releases that formed part of the club’s official Video Advent Calendar.


The festive countdown initiative, which was also promoted via the clubs other social channels, aimed to bring City fans around the world a Christmas treat from the reigning Premier League champions and to drive fan web registrations and social follows.


The video calendar, produced by City and sponsored by the club’s official automotive partner Nissan, also included Jo Hart’s car getting wrapped



and a funny City player Christmas jumper challenge (which saw striker Stevan Jovetic challenged to put on as many bad taste sweaters as possible in just one minute).





Despite being a multiple Premiership title winner and an England international with 53 caps, the 28-year-old’s public image has typically been fairly low key and more recently has been largely consumed by the comic Twitter account.


The person behind the hit @BoringMilner account, which boasts more than 360,000 followers, remains a mystery.


Indeed, Milner has previously discussed his own futile attempts to track down the culprit, but this clip shows the star and the club are happy to play along with the spoof.




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