BMW Launches London 2012 Olympic iPad Magazine

The latest phase of BMW’s London 2012 sponsorship activation sees the upmarket car brand launch in innovative (and free) Olympic iPad magazine app.


The tier-one sponsor of the London Games has unveiled a free interactive magazine app, created by Partners Andrews Aldridge, which features a range of exclusive content.


Olympic rower James Cracknell is the guest editor of the magazine which also includes video interviews and profiles of performance-team members (BMW ambassadors) Rebecca Adlington, Tim Brabants and David Weir.


The ‘Performance Team’ currently consists of 23 Olympians (past and present) who will be working individually with BMW to best ensure they are able to make the most of the brand’s technical expertise.


Nicola Green, CRM communications manager for BMW UK, said: “In addition to highlighting the ways in which BMW is helping London 2012 deliver a sustainable Games, the magazine also shines a light on the numerous British athletes we’re supporting as they prepare for what promises to be the most memorable moments of their sporting careers.”


The original copy mixes fairly seamlessly with the BMW product-focused content in a beautiful, bespoke publication that maximises the iPad’s digital content advantages. The digital magazine opens with time-lapse photography of a sunset over the Olympic Stadium.


The magazine helps push the up German automaker’s inter-related key brand values of ‘efficiency’ and ‘performance’ – which lie at the heart of its Games-related messaging.


BMW, which will provide of fleet of 4,000 cars to be used by athletes and officials at the 2012 Olympics, rolled out its first Olympic sponsorship activation in September 2011 with a campaign focused on its special edition Mini car range. ATL work in the UK has spanned TV and print work featuring athletes, vehicles and the London 2012 logo – all running under the brand’s globally centralised ‘Joy’ big creative idea.


At the ‘one-year to go’ mark, BMW launched its special edition ‘Performance’ vehicles for its 1 Series and 3 Series models, featuring a sport body kit and London 2012 badging.


While in the US, the brand backs the country’s Olympic Committee and team and has launched its own ‘Performance Team USA’ campaign – which carries the Olympic Rings logo.





For many consumer brands an iPad-only campaign – even a beautiful one with fairly compelling content – would have such a restricted reach marketing bosses and budget holders might be reluctant to green light the funds.


But an upmarket, premium brand like BMW – one which connects to its target through technical excellence and usability – is one of the few companies for which such a strategy makes sense.






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