VW’s 24-Hr Support For Tremblant Ski Racers


VW Canada sponsors the gruelling Tremblant 24-hour ski marathon and as part of its activation it set up broadcast messages of support to ihe competitors to keep them motivated during the event.


The Tremblant is not just a ski marathon, but also a charity fundraiser and a music festival. And while spectators and supporters line the start and cheer the participants, live support recedes as the evening falls. To help combat cold, exhaustion (and perhaps boredom) during the day-long event, VW’s support broadcasts were aired via speakers across the course.


A set of recorded messages from children benefitting from the charities that the race supports ran though the night as freezing whether set in and the sponsor aimed to keep skiers’ spirits high on the course and on the chairlifts.


This video from the sponsor shows one racer as he catches a VW messages of support from his own daughter who was undergoing leukaemia treatment. The film was posted on the car maker’s Candian Facebook page and seeded on YouTube.


In the December 2010 event, participants raised $1.85m for children’s charities in what was the 10th annual running of the race. Tremblant has established itself as Eastern North America’s biggest fundraising ski event. To date it has raised US$6,280,216 charities such as Centre De Cancerologie, Charles-Bruneau Foundation, the Ottawa Senators Foundation and the Tremblant Foundation.




The Tremblant 24hris an event that sponsors can support racers in their commitment to raising money, to share in the skiers endeavours and also to participate in individual stories of bravery and hope.











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