Unbeaten Darwin Ice Hockey Club Front Vegemite TVC


The Darwin Ice Hockey Club and supporting the team, as living proof that even the most unlikely group of Aussies can be World Champions if they put their mind and spirit to it!


A television commercial, created by JWT Melbourne, featuring the comical tale of Darwin’s ‘World Champion’ Ice Hockey Club, has received over 26,000 views on YouTube since it launched four days ago.


Unlikely as it may seem, Darwin’s Ice Hockey Club has become the star of a new Vegemite TV ad in Australia. The club, which features in a new Vegemite nationwide initiative championing Aussies who are doing extraordinary things, has challenged some of the most successful and powerful ice hockey teams in the world.


Indeed, the Darwin team has invited several far more famous ice hockey names to its rink and has yet to be beaten by any of them – arguably making them the ‘World Ice Hockey Champions’ (despite not ever actually having played a game).


The Darwin Ice Hockey Club is comically mythical in Australia’s Northern Territory – a club embracing a fun-loving and inspirational Aussie attitude.


“Although rather surreal, it is such a thrill for the Darwin Ice Hockey Club to be part of Vegemite’s new television commercial,” says Joe Stenhouse, a Darwin Ice Hockey Club player. “It’s an even bigger thrill that so many people have watched the commercial and love it. We’ll have to step up our training now though, as with the whole of Australia watching, we may actually have a team show up to play us!”


The TV spot, part of the new ‘Toast of a Nation’ campaign for Vegemite spread, has become an internet sensation in Australia with around 100,000 views since the TVC was first aired and enabled Vegemite’s YouTube site to climb the ranking to become the 11th most popular in Australia.


Vegemite, an Australian icon product, asked Australians what they want from the brand and the answer they received was that they want it to stand up for Australian heros and what makes the nation great. Thus, in the coming months, the campaign is searching for 25 everyday Aussies who are ‘Made from Vegemite’. It will then crown the most unique and exceptional as the ‘Toast of a Nation’.


Australians are invited to share the remarkable stories and achievements of themselves and people they know by nominating at vegemite.com.au





Vegemite is an Australian icon, but it is owned by Kraft Foods Australia and Kraft is a brand that knows a thing or two about ice hockey. Its Hockeyville initiative with the NHL in Canada has proved spectacularly effective and successful.


Senior Brand Manager for Vegemite, Andra Gough: “We’re delighted that the new Vegemite TV commercial featuring The Darwin Ice Hockey Club has engaged the Australian public. We are proud to be toasting the Darwin Ice Hockey Club, and supporting the team as living proof that even the most unlikely group of Aussies can be World Champions if they put their mind and spirit to it.”


In lieu of payment for staring in the commercials, the Darwin Ice Hockey Club have asked Vegemite to make donations on their behalf to a number of local charities, including: Camp Quality, Cancer Council NT, Wildcare Inc. NT, RSPCA Darwin, and Palliative Care NT Inc. Top End Brand.






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