Telstra NYE App’s Utilities & Photos/Messages/Streams

Syndey’s harbourside fireworks spectacular is one of the world’s most famous New Year’s Eve celebrations and for the event’s major sponsor Telstra it is one of its key nationwide annual partnerships.


Telstra’s strategy is to engage fireworks fans who are both at the event in person and watching on TV live and to extend connectivity into the digital landscape too.


Its activation revolves around the Telstra New year’s Eve app, which is available for both iPhone and Android, and the latest version enhances last year’s edition with several new, innovative features.


Not only can Sydneysiders use the app to plan New Year’s Eve using its transport route, traffic reports and best vantage points guide, but the app also comes with the option to preload 50 Happy New Year messages to automatically send at midnight (an option which is free even for non-Telstra customers).


This year’s app also has additional social elements including a timeline wall where users can talk to other partygoers to generate excitement and buzz.


Australians can also use the app to send messages to their family and friends to be displayed on the pylons on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


For the 2013/14 New Year celebrations a picture of the pylon displaying each individual’s message is sent to their own phones so that they can capture the moment and share it on social media.




For the previous New Year fireworks event, Telstra’s New Year’s Eve app was downloaded 75,000 times and Telstra’s YouTube broadcast was viewed 2.8 million times (reaching twice as many people as the event’s free-to-air TV broadcast on ABC).



This success has led to Telstra significantly enhancing its YouTube streaming show of the event with a four-hour interactive show hosted by Merrick Watts featuring live crosses and a performance by Empire of the Sun.


Which was further boosted post-event online with highlights packages



and behind-the-scenes videos




Sponsors brands acting as broadcaster and event amplifier is  major current activation trend across the industry.


It was creative agency Imagination, which holds the tender from the City of Sydney to produce the New Year’s Eve for the next five years, brought Telstra on board as one of the event’s main sponsors specifically to help enhance the experience and connect Australians all over the country on New Year’s Eve.


The aim behind the partnership was to bring the event to more people other than just those around the harbour – to amplify the experience and extend it to more people via digital platforms.


‘Part of the platform we put forward was to start to evolve New Year’s Eve as an experience, a piece of content,’ says Imagination’s managing director Antony Gowthorp.


‘Being able to become a mini-broadcaster for a lot of big brands is very appealing at the moment,’ Gowthorp says. ‘With a bit of promotion you can direct an audience to your YouTube channel and become a mini-broadcaster.’




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