Sony Norway’s Waterproof Phone SkyFall Cinema Stunt


Throughout the autumn Sony has been globally and locally activating its sponsorship of the latest Bond film with all sorts of secret agent style marketing initiatives (from the global, multi-category ‘Intelligence Gathered’ initiative to local Xperia-specific virals.


But few cinema-goers will have been as intrigued as those seated in one Norwegian cinema to watch Skyfall who found a Sony stunt on the big screen was being played out just for them.


As the smash hit movie opened across Scandinavia  Sony Mobile (along with ‘secret’ agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky) carried off an undercover stunt to promote its new waterproof Xperia Acros S handset.


The brand handed out free soft drinks to the entire audience, but the secret was that some of the paper cups contained not only Coke but also a brand new waterproof Sony mobile.


Before the Bond film started a special secret Sony ad revealed the stunt taking place live in the theatre. As the narrative played out, lucky audience members found their cups ringing.


Upon investigating further, with the whole audience watching, they fished out the new handset from their cup and took a call congratulating them.




With 170,000 YouTube views within a week of the web films launch, the stunt is certainly attracting some solid attention in Norway and around the world.


A memorable way of demonstrating the new waterproof feature – sure!.


But could the proud new owner ever get the sticky Coke slime off the spanking new handset?




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Sony Norway Website


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