Skol’s Pre World Cup Rio ‘Love/Care’ CSR Movement

Brazilian beer brand aims to improve Rio de Janeiro’s beaches prior to World Cup 2014.


Brazilian light beer Skol 360° has partnered with the NGO Movimento Rio Eu Amo Eu Cuido (translated as the ‘I love, I care Rio Movement’) to help improve the famous beaches of Rio de Janeiro.


The brand is asking people to make suggestions on how to improve the beaches on the campaign website and Facebook page.


The improvements can refer to infrastructure, public transport or sports recreation.


Visitors to the campaign site will be able to vote for their favourite suggestions and the five best will be implemented.


The campaign is being financed with the profits from a special edition 269ml beer that is being sold exclusively in Rio.


The campaign was launched with an event on the Copacabana beach, where attendants were invited to write their ideas on yellow post-its (to match Skol’s brand colour). It is also promoted by a web film hosted on the campaign’s site.



Pedro de Sá Earp, marketing director of the brand, said: ‘Skol loves Rio de Janeiro and wants to take care of the city just as any Carioca (Rio de Janeiro native) does. We intend to create a movement capable of leaving a lasting legacy and relevant benefits for the citizens. We can turn the seaside into a better place.’




Skol’s beach-improvement campaign takes a similar strategy to projects from alcohol brands Barefoot Wine and Corona, both of which have been championing cleaner beaches for a number of years.


But Skol’s effort moves beyond just cleaning up, to think about other improvements that could make a difference to beach-goers in Rio de Janeiro.


We like how the brand is asking people for their input and suggestions; allowing people to vote for the best improvements will also help bind the local populace to Skol’s effort and ensure public support.


The limited edition can is a great way to link the campaign to purchase and enables a low barrier to entry, by simply allowing people to support the campaign with their decision to buy the limited edition beer.


The project also points to Skol’s local heritage and positions the beer as Rio de Janeiro’s drink of choice during the crucial run up to Football World Cup in 2014 and the 2016 Olympics.


This campaign shows Skol is ensuring that it will be one of the brands helping to clean up and improve Rio, before the eyes of the world start to gaze upon it. 




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