RIM NHL Sponsorship Focus On BlackBerry Messenger


BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion has joined forces with the National Hockey League (NHL) in a new long term sponsorship that includes the naming rights to the new ‘BlackBerry All-Access Pre-Game Show’, on screen graphics, audio mentions, set integration, as well as a new web-series that will air online though the 2012 NHL play offs.


The play off webisodes will be filmed in New York prior to the games and will be available during each and every 2010 playoff match-up at websites such as www.nhl.com, the official NHL Youtube Channel and Facebook pages as well as on www.ticketmaster.com.


The new deal will see RIM focus on its Blackberyy Messenger (BBM) chat application rather than just its handset models. This marks a change in direction as RIM tries to turn BBM’s own-brand IM App (which uses private unique PIN codes to connect RIM smart phone users). Indeed, NHL “reporters in the field” will use BBM to relay information back to the studio and online viewers.


There is also a particaptory element to the partnership that sees a BBM ‘virtual insider’ named Stanley10 (in reference to the Stanley Cup trophy awarded to the NHL championship team every year). Interested parties will be able to add Stanley10 to their own personal BBM contact lists, and they’ll receive “breaking news and tips of the day” directly via BBM.




RIM continues to build its roster of big name sponsorship deals – from corporate alliances to live events, TV shows and big sports franchises. This is part of its wider strategy to reposition itself as a youth-friendly, consumer technology brand rather than a business-oriented brand.


In recent years these high profile partnerships have included music stars such as John Mayer, U2 and the Black Eyed Peas and TV shows like Burn Notice and Dr Who.


One interesting point though about the interactive BBM element of the sponsorship – only existing converts with Blackberry’s will be able to participate.













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