Puma’s Pop Up City Backs Il Mostro Volvo Race


Part pop up store, part wondering brand destination – Puma City is backing the sports brand’s sponsorship of iL Mostrosailing’s Volvo Ocean Race bid and is coming to a quayside near you.


The building, which is on tour of the harbours used as bases in the 2008/9 Volvo Ocean Race, is an 11,000 sq-ft space built from 24 shipping containers. Opening its doors first in Alicante (Spain) in October for the first leg of the race, the building is playing the twin rol of concept shop and exhibition space.


The pop up Puma City space will be shipped on the same cargo vessel as the Puma sponsored 70-foot long iL Mostro racing yacht and will assembled and dissembled as the race tours various international harbours.


The architects (New York’s LOT-EK) and engineers have ensured that Puma City complies with international building codes, climate changes, various electrical and HVAC systems and ease of assembly and operations.




Whether its touring with a band or a sailing race, sponsors often find they don’t have a controllable space to maximise their rights on site. This kind of pop up mobile space offers a controllable environment that is flexible enough to provide a consistent engaging experience and also to adapt to location.


It may not have the design cachet of similar mobile spaces, typically from premium brands (such as Chanel’s Mobile Art Container), but it does connect effectively with the sponsorship space it is promoting and may well shift more product.









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