Philips & National Theatre Eco Lighting Link

Another interesting and technically complex eco sponsorship scheme is Philips’ award winning five-year partnership with London’s National Theatre. This environmentally friendly focused lighting partnership runs under the Dutch electrical giant’s Sense and Simplicity big idea was just such an example.


The brand provided technology and equipment worth £500,000 to replace the theatre’s external and internal lighting systems with dynamic, energy efficient design. Programmable environmentally friendly LED lighting programmes offered multiple palettes and patterns to paint the building in spectacular style.


The scheme delivered a 70% reduction in lighting energy and £100,000 per year in energy savings costs.




While Philips’ support enables the theatre to focus on what it is best at, drama, this long term partnership is about skills rather than just money. It also combines economic and eco considerations, which is a combination that is likely to drive a greener planet. This approach to corporate partnerships enables the sponsor brand the advantage of having its own huge communication device in a prominent on-building position beaming across the Thames in the form of the Philips Vidiwall.


Philips & National Theatre Eco Lighting Partnership – YouTube



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