O2 Ireland’s Play Them Next Has Local Community Focus


An above-the-line phase (TVC, outdoor and print) aims to raise awareness of O2’s sponsorship of Ireland’s rugby union team as they head off to the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand. But it also aims to drive viewers on to the campaign website


With the objective of counteracting the remoteness of the New Zealand based Rugby World Cup and the related time difference of the games there by evoking the close bond between the Irish players and their supporters and actually providing a platform to bring these two groups together in person.


The TV spot’s documentary style creative is deliberately low key and spontaneous and features a set of stand-out Irish players having a pick-up, kick-about game in a local Irish community. Thus reflecting the campaign’s core idea – a competition in which the winners’ own community will get to play with some of the national team’s stars in their own backyard.


The above-the-line work drives fans to the digital platforms – a website and Facebook page – where consumers can sign up, express their support for the Irish team and register their own street/area/community for the competition. Those messages deemed to be the most supportive and passionate will get a game for their own street with the stars themselves.




Team sponsors have focused on building closer connections between fans and teams and on trying to address the challenge of the early morning world cup kick offs and geographical distance between Europe and New Zealand.


While some have used practical utilities and others sensory incentives, this focus on local communities provides a third route to solving the problem.









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