Nike’s Earl & Tiger Morality Viral

Nike, a brand with an eye for an opportunity, tries to face the Tiger Woods’ sex scandal head on with this father and son viral. The black and white head shot spot shows Woods’ late father Earl deliver a lecture on ethics and morality to his son.


The online film was carefully timed to coincide with the golfer’s return at The Masters. It aired on ESPN and The Golf Channel, but was primary aimed at online media.


A sombre reflection on a sports star who has lost his way or a cynical attempt at rebranding? Whatever your view its certainly got people talking. The debate over the Woods debacle saw the world’s first sports star billionaire dumped by a raft of sponsors, including AT&T, Accenture, Gatorade and Gillette, but Nike have stood by their man. The viral has further ignited the already heated debate over the star, his personal and professional life. A slew of spoofs further contributed to its viral spread.




To many this viral might have seemed risky, but so much damage had already been done it seems hard to imagine that it could so further harm. It certainly got people talking about another aspect of Tiger Woods and his decision making.


Partnerships between celebrities and product seem riskier than ever. Woods may have hogged the headlines, but he’s just one of an increasing number of brand ambassadors mired in scandal and damaging the hand that feeds. Highly paid brand ambassadors simply no longer offer the value and security they once did. Perhaps a new approach is needed?


Earl & Tiger Viral – YouTube


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