Jack Daniel’s Crowd-Funded Brazilian Birthday Concerts

To celebrate the brand’s 162 anniversary, Jack Daniel’s is rolling out a series of crowd-funded gigs in Brazil.


This crowd-funded initiative, in which Mr Jack himself was purportedly the first fan to sign up and bank roll 50% of the cost of the concerts ($72,000), sees the brand launch a joint initiative with crowd-funding music organisation Playbook to raise the other 50% of the gig costs through music fans themselves.


Officially inspired by the back-story that the legendary (and sometimes mythical) Mr Jack kept a house full of musical instruments for his guests to play (despite not being a musician of any kind himself), this project sees the brand and the online funding platform offer 340 refundable tickets at $ 200 and a further 10 refundable tickets with an open bar at $ 400, in order to raise the additional $75,000 needed to stage the shows.


The shows themselves are slated to take place in a new São Paulo music venue and will feature New Zealand’s ‘Ladyhawke’ and Swedish group ‘I’m From Barcelona’.


As with most crowd-funded projects, if the collaborative funding does not reach 100% of the target the initiative will be cancelled and pledged donation will be fully refunded. To help ensure that this doesn’t happen, those who do sign-up for tickets and pledge their own cash are give the social media tools to further spread the word about the concerts on Facebook and Twitter.




This is part of the brand’s wider initiative to reach out to younger consumers and echoes some of the facets of other Latin American brand-led music initiatives such as Mexico’s Bandtastic with the additional of a brand partnering on the project in order to generate good will among the target audience.






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