Intel Sponsors Of Tomorrow: Re-mastered @ LNDN Design Festival


Intel is repurposing its ‘Remastered’ project at September’s London Design Festival with an interactive reinterpretation of Matisse’s Dancers.


Remastered’s debut at a three day exhibition in One Marylebone in London saw the brand provide a platform for a set of contemporary artists to create and show digital interpretations of works by Turner, Dali, Da Vinci and other iconic artists.


In collaboration with Jotta, Intel’s long-time art and creative partner, the new work will appear at Shoreditch’s Tent London between 22 and 25 London alongside its other famous works from the past reinterpreted through modern eyes and with modern technology (with supporting public workshops).


Dancers is being recreated by Maxence Parache, a conceptual artist at central St Martin’s, who will combine second generation Intel Core processor technology with an interactive particle cloud projection. His aim is to create an ‘immersive, dreamlike experience where the viewer interacts with the circle of dancers.


Other work on show at the Design Festival includes:


Salvador Dali’s “The Persistence of Memory” – Daniel Swan (moving image)
Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” – Lung (sculpture, sound and animation)
Turner’s “Rain, Steam and Speed—The Great Western Railway” – Eric Shockmel (3D animation)
“Venus de Milo” – Paul Bryan and Jonathan Ryall (moving image)
Caspar David Friedrich’s ‘Wanderer above the Sea of Fog” – Rafael Pavon(stereoscopic 3D animation)
Vincent Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” – Midnight Toastie (interactive installation)
Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” – Bompas & Parr (food design and photography)


“The Remastered Project has allowed Intel to unlock creative potential of technology and show that a mouse can be as effective as a paintbrush in design and art,” says Intel Uk & Ireland marketing director Gail Hanlon. “We hope that Intel’s technology can be a muse fo the next generation of artists to help shape art in the digital age.”


The original objective of the campaign is to work Intel’s ‘Sponsors Of Tomorrow’ idea into a tangible form that promotes the brand’s products and benefits to the creative industries. The original campaign ran from November 2010 to March 2011 and was developed in tandem with PR agency Hill & Knowlton.


Young, modern artists were invited to reinterpret iconic masterpieces using digital technology and 13 pieces of work were displayed at a public exhibition called ‘Remastered’. Each artist’s project was supported by video documentary. Offline and online media outlets were targeted to build pre-exhibition hype and online conversation was encouraged.


Around 1,500 members of the public attended the show, 2,000 viewed it online, and it generated 65 65 pieces of media coverage.




This initiative, under the ‘Visibly Smart’ communications programme, is a fine example of how Intel’s marketing revolves around its core umbrella idea and tagline – ‘Sponsors Of Tomorrow’.


This founding idea is based on Intel’s mission statement: “We are a move-society-forward-by-quantum-leaps company. And we’re already working on the next century’s innovations.


The silicon chip maker first launched its integrated ‘Sponsors Of Tomorrow’ global brand campaign in May 2009. This corporate image and reputation initiative focuses on the role that Intel plays in changing the way in which people live and work.



Developed by Venables, Bell & Partners, it aims to celebrate the minds and creativity of the people at Intel who make that innovation possible every day and the consumers who bring that to life. The objective behind this was to make Intel relevant again, to get the brand talked about (as measured by social media presence) and increase the brand health and relevance metrics.


Tackling the lack of physical tangibility of Intel products to consumers, the idea is to play on how the intelligence inside Intel is creating the future: to build awareness that Intel is committed to developing technologies today that will change our tomorrow. At its heart lies the idea that the future technology advances are made possible by Intel and silicon.


In rolling out the campaign Intel has utilised almost all forms of media to find ways to surprise consumers, to push the boundaries of our media partners, and establish the future today. Aside from Remastered, Intel has been steadily rolling out a range of innovative approaches in the last 12 months to communicate its core positioning.


In January 2011 it unveiled ‘The Sartorialists’ film documentary in the Visual Life campaign featuring a day-in-the-life of street fashion blogger Scott Schumann. First launched at Amsterdam’s Consumer Electronics Show at the beginning of the year, to date the film has racked up almost 900,000 views on YouTube.



January also saw Intel link up with Black Eyed Peas’ Will.i.am as the company’s new Director Of Creative Innovation as the company focused on keeping its innovations in front of the global youth culture that embraces new devices and new forms of communication and entertainment





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