CoverGirl’s Nail ‘Fanicures’ Focus On NFL’s Female Fans

CoverGirl has partnered with the NFL to build excitement about the new season with female fans by launching a team colour inspired nail range dubbed ‘Fanicures’.


Using ‘Spirit All Season Long’ as a tagline, the P&G cosmetics brand’s new range includes 32 NFL fanicures – each inspired by each team’s logos and colours.


So for the 2013 season, in addition to the usual jerseys, hats and foam fingers, women game-goers and NFL-watchers can express their team allegiance and fanatical fan passion on their nails.


All 32 customised CoverGirl ‘Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss’ bundles offer all women the chance to express their home team passion on their hands.


The fanicures go on sale on the Thursday, 5 September, days before the new 2013 season starts at CoverGirl.com/NFL.


Before then, fans can preview the looks via a campaign on CoverGirl’s Facebook page.


As well as being sold online, CoverGirl is also offering fans the opportunity to experience a fanicure at their team’s stadium at 10 select home games.


This strand of the campaign sees the cosmetics brand set up NFL Style Lounges inside stadiums and mobile manicures outside the grounds – both offering complimentary fanicures.


Fans visiting the lounge will also get to shop for the newest fan gear made specifically for women and will have the chance to consult with professional stylists, listen to music performed by an on-site DJ and show-off their new gameday nail styles in a team-themed photo booth.


While outside the stadiums, CoverGirl will run pre-game fanfare ‘nailgating’ activations.


The campaign also includes a Pinterest phase which offers creative inspiration and ‘get-the-look’ tutorials on the CoverGirl NFL nail board on Pinterest.


Also, CoverGirl is encouraging fans with a competitive streak to upload their own team-inspired nail looks – going finger-to-finger with rivals to rally around their teams via sharing and liking their fellow team posts.


‘If you’ve ever tailgated or been to an NFL game, you understand the passion and emotion that goes into being a fan – it’s not just about the competition on the field on game day, but also the rivalries in the stands, at home, with friends or even around the office water cooler,’ says Esi Eggleston Bracey, VP and General Manager, CoverGirl Cosmetics.


‘As an iconic American brand, it made perfect sense for CoverGirl to team up with the NFL in support of America’s favourite pastime, empowering women with a fun, new way to showcase their spirit,’ she adds.


While the NFLs Director Of Apparel says ‘This unique collaboration will bring new meaning to wearing your team’s colours. We are thrilled to be teaming up with CoverGirl to celebrate our female fans with another innovative way to combine their passions for football and style.’




CoverGirl joins an expanding female NFL apparel offering that team-colour ranges that include Marchesa tops, Nike Activewear and Victoria’s Secret Loungewear, as well as watches, boots and other accessories.


The NFL is something of a rarity in modern sports in so much as it has established a track record of focusing on female fans as a key component of its supporter base and a major driver of its business.


Recent years have seen women grow to represent more than 44% of its entire fan base (with 60% of all US women over the age of 12 identifying themselves as NFL fans.


Indeed last season saw 80 million women watch NFL games.


The last few years have seen the league focus on women both in terms of its coverage and tone, as well as overhauling its women’s apparel strategy.


No longer does it adopt the ‘pink and shrink’ tactic applied to traditional men’s apparel used so often by other sports leagues that simply adapt.


Nor does it limit itself to communication simply on traditional male media platforms and places (such as sports magazines and in-bars), but it also has a major focus on channels such as Pinterest and Instagram.







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