Chrysler & Warner’s Batman User Generated Ad Contest


Chrysler has linked with movie studio Warner Bros for a collaboration promoting the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises.


Film goers become film makers in this user-generated contest celebrating Chrysler and The Dark Knight’s brand alliance. Chrysler is inviting Batman film fans to create their own personal ad to mark the 20 July release of The Dark Knight Rises, the conclusion to the Dark Knight trilogy.


The promotional contest, called ‘Imported from Gotham City’, is being developed by Wieden+Kennedy, Portland.


The car company is sponsoring a contest in which fans are tasked with producing 25-second video clips made with footage from the movie, the trailer and a new Chrysler 300S commercial.


The two brands are supplying fans with all the assets needed to create an original co-branded TV spot featuring Chrysler and Batman. These are available on a competition site called ‘Imported from Gotham City’ – a play on Chrysler’s ‘Imported From Detroit’ tagline.


The assets include Chrysler 300 footage, film footage, and music from the film’s trailer that contestants can remix for their spot.


The director, writer and producer of The Dark Knight trilogy, Christopher Nolan, will then select the winning spot, which will actually debut on TV around the film’s release.


The winning clip director will also get a trip to Hollywood, where they will help with final production of the video alongside a professional editor. When the clip is done, they’ll travel to New York City for their ad’s red-carpet premiere.


The contest is being promoted by a 60-second TV spot (above) for the Chrysler 300, which shows the new model being manufactured in a Gotham City-esque environment.


This ad depicts a team of industrial engineers adding an array of impressive armoury and gadgets – from rocket launchers, a jet engine and holographic information screens – to a Chrysler 300S. The car is rebodied with matte panels and a license plate that reads “DK-300S.”


Of course, the legal disclaimer in the ad small print clarifies that the car in the video is a one-off, custom job and will only be available in Gotham City.


Entries were accepted until the end of June and then a public voting period runs until July. The winning spot will be determined by a number of judging criteria, including public vote, originality, creativity, memorability and brand effectiveness.


Nolan himself will work from a shortlist of three whittled down by the public over a four-day voting period where a gallery of submissions will be open to public scrutiny.


Nolan said: ‘We’re excited to tap into the creative community online and allow those who participate to showcase their talent and passion. We look forward to seeing what unique spots people produce.’




The Dark Knight trilogy has boasted a huge number of brand partnerships – perhaps pushing even James Bond for racking up a record number of partners.


But few have really cut though by applying the same kind of creative thinking as the comic creators and the filmmakers themselves.


Yet this kind of user-generated contest has the potential to really get people genuinely excited.


It’s not just for fanatical fans, but also for those interested in film-making and those seeking a step on the professional ladder.


The involvement of Nolan himself is a great boost and gives the campaign real underlying credibility.


One of the other stand out Dark Knight Rises brand alliances is with Mountain Dew and NASCAR (see previous case study) and Nokia.






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