Asics Positions Hypergel-Yu As An Everyday, All-Rounder In Understated ‘This Is The Shoe’ Campaign

Asics paired up with Virtue (the creative agency born out of Vice) on a campaign that positions its HyperGel-Yu as the regular shoe for everything.


The campaign, called ‘This Is The Shoe’, promotes the product as for the ordinary and the everyday: an understated campaign that includes creative featuring people wearing their shoes for anything from washing the car to moving in to a new apartment or taking their dog for a walk.


The campaign is led by a series of 60-second spots featuring these mundane, day-to-day life moments and blending them with close-up shots of the shoe.


In one ad we see a couple struggling to carry their new couch up the staircase of their apartment building,



while another shows a woman trying to motivate her lazy dog to get up and move during their walk in the park



and a video sees the wearer wash his car.



Each of the spots include the tagline: “This isn’t the shoe for something. It’s the shoe for everything.”




Sports shoe advertising is famous for taking shoe performance, technology and specific purpose very seriously – too seriously some might suggest.


Most other trainers are marketed with a hyper-specific purpose – a shoe for sprinting, for marathons, for basketball, for walking, for skating, for kickflips etc – but this campaign sets out to break free from the usual sneaker advertising approach.


Everyday generalist may be less sexy, but it also seems more realistic than most sports shoe marketing.













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