Arcade Fire & Google Link On Personal Music Video

Not strictly traditional sponsorship, but rather a brand alliance/commercial paartnership initiative saw band Arcade Fire partner with Google to create amazing animation and footage to form The Wilderness Downtown.


Combining the band’s ‘We used to wait’ (a song about nostalgic letter writing) with mash ups from Chrome and Google’s location based Street View and Maps (and interactive drawing and writing tools) created a personalised, unique experience for each viewer as he or she runs through the streets in which they grew up. Unfolding via multiple browser windows, it incorporates each viewer’s childhood address to create individual, original videos that connects the music with personalised storytelling.


A personalised, shareable music video inspired by the web rather than by television and using the web browser as an artistic medium.




The 1980s heyday of the music video and MTV is over and innovative bands and brands are looking for new ideas and creative approaches to music videos. The use of existing tools to create something highly customised offers a personalised experience every time. Bringing fans closer together wwith bands is one of the big objectives in contemporary music marketing and this is certainly an original way of combining the two.




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