AmEx ‘Official Card’ Work Extended To NBA & WNBA

American Express, a long standing sponsor of both the NBA and the WNBA, unveils a series of TV spots to highlight the attributes of both leagues and connect basketball fans more closely with the American Express Brand.


The new campaign focuses on the two league’s unique attributes – diversity, passion, dedication, and fun, and attempts to creatively pair these with American Express. The campaign is timed to run throughout the Playoffs and Finals


The new spots, by Ogilvy & Mather, build on “The Official Card” campaign American Express – which is the credit card company’s umbrella sponsorship idea. It was first launched during the 2011 US Open Tennis Championships and is being extended in to a number of its premiere sports and entertainment properties.


The ‘Official Card’ campaign aims to engage card members in a number of premiere events by showing the unexpected sides of great achievers. These spots showcase the fun of the game, the international appeal of the sport and the way athletes do common things in uncommon ways.


Richard Quigley, senior vice president of Global Advertising for American Express. ” and NBA Entertainment Executive VP argue that this partnership is one based on ‘the shared vision and common goal of providing fans and Cardmembers with special service and unique experiences.


The five ads are:


Global Village
Spotlights the international appeal of basketball with a humorous look at the diverse origin of four Dallas Mavericks players.


Focuses on the fun of the game with a number of younger NBA players acting like kids while Chicago Bulls coach Bill Cartwright tries to round them up for practice.


Showcases the special energy that WNBA players bring to the game and everyday life.


Good Karma
Celebrates the good karma that has followed spiritual coach Phil Jackson from Chicago to Los Angeles to the convenience store.


Proves that, like American Express Cardmembers, basketball players can be resourceful as they adapt to their new environment in New Orleans and plan their winning strategy.




American Express does have a history of linking with premiere properties to create unique Cardmember experiences that intensify the Cardmember’s connection to the events as well as with the brand. Such advantages range from on-site servicing, preferential payment terms and early-bird ticket sales.


Indeed, this campaign follows in a long and well established traditional for the payments sector brand. American Express has been a partner of the NBA since 1995 and a WNBA partner since its inception in 1997 and is the Official Credit Card of both leagues. It has included a number of notable NBA players, coaches and legends in promotional campaigns in the past.







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