All England Club ‘Wimbledon Awaits’ Visitor Immersion

Mid June saw The All England Club itself launched a creative ‘Wimbledon Awaits’ campaign to build anticipation around the 2013 Wimbledon Championships.


The local SW19 campaign, devised by agency Space, runs from the local train stations down to the Chruch Road grounds of the All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club itself.


The executions use Wimbledon photographic imagery alongside various ‘*** Awaits’ taglines- such as ‘Tradition Awaits’ and ‘Drama Awaits’ to engage visitors walking or driving from Wimbledon station to the tournament and the thousands queuing each day for tickets.


The All England Club bought the media rights at Wimbledon train station and its exit archway, a huge roadside outdoor site, as well as sites near queues to buy travel tickets. The work is also running on various brochure and information sites.


This year sees the rights owner add a 20m-long panelled walkway to engage people in the daily ticket queue, which features emotive imagery from the championships archive, as well as dramatic facts and stories about the players, the grounds and the tournament’s history.


In addition to the local outdoor work, the initiative includes digital work, including a new iPad app,


The objective of the “Wimbledon Awaits” initiative is to immerse visitors in the premium world of the Wimbledon brand as soon as they step foot out of the station and then carry them along a seamless journey through to the grounds and the excitement of the tournament itself.




‘The championships are very special and totally unique,’ explains Space Managing Partner David Atkinson. ‘Our brief was to capture the atmosphere of thrill and delight and amplify it.’


James Ralley, the marketing manager for the All England Club, said that although the matches were clearly the main event, it was also important to give fans a premium experience.


‘The station is an iconic place of departure for people visiting the club and Space has been pivotal in communicating that experience clearly and creatively, not only to fans, but importantly, also to the local community and commuters,’ outlines Ralley.







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