Aegon Backs Scottish Breakfast Club

One much admired business to community education-led scheme is Aegon’s role as founding partner of the Breakfast Club initiative in Scotland. Closely watched and much praised by sponsorship professionals, this global insurance giant is not only the principle backer but is genuinely deeply involved in this Edinburgh based community initiative. The objective of this sponsorship is simple and clear – to ensure all of Edinburgh’s schoolchildren get a healthy breakfast to start the day.


The flagship scheme in its Aegon’s Community Involvement Programme (which also includes education programmes such as The Young Enterprise Scheme and the Scottish Education Board’s Business Partnership) is showing genuine results. It’s not just a nutrition-led scheme, but one that has other knock on effects. Club members report higher exam attainments, improved school attendance and enhanced concentration the aim is to maximise children’s educational opportunities which in turn will lead to brighter and more secure futures.




Communicating around an initiative, particularly a business backed local education one, can really lift a programme and Aegon Breakfast Club focuses hard on this area. The positive PR lift from such scheme can be short term, but via elements such as this programme’s ‘Fresh’ online newsletter, Aegon helps keep the profile high and involves other partners in this low budget, highly effective initiative.





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