Credit Suisse Sponsors US Intelligent Life’s iPad Launch

Sponsorship opportunities to build new kinds of relationships with traditional media properties on new technology platforms are also emerging.


For example, in late 2011 Intelligent Life, The Economist’s arts and lifestyle quarterly became the first major magazine to be launched in the US through an iPad app it was exclusively sponsored by Credit Suisse and this backing by the financial services group meant the app was free for all to download.


For the publisher, a launch sponsor that enaables it to offer to iPad version for free to everyone certainly boostss the impact and reach of the launch itself.


The relationship was seen as sufficiently successful for an ongoing exclusive partnership: as the winter edition, like its two predecessors, has also supported by Credit Suisse. Again, this enables the publishers to make it free.


In due course, the publishers expect to charge for each issue (as it does in print)- but the app itself will remain free.


Intelligent Life is a quarterly magazine, published by The Economist, covering life, culture, style and places. It publishes original features, memoirs, profiles and other articles by contributors including Economist staff, leading journalists from elsewhere, as well as well-known authors.


Intelligent Life is available on the news stand in most parts of the world and by subscription everywhere.







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