La Canette Anitfoot: Anti-Football Orangina Can Stunt

French drinks brand Orangina aims to cut through all the World Cup clutter with an anti-football marketing stunt for those fed up with Brazil 2014.


Mid June saw sub-brand ‘Orangina Miss O’ promote an anti-football can (La Canette Antifoot) which it claims, when squeezed, will switch off any football match being shown on TV.


The campaign claims that every four year the four billion non-football fans around the world find it impossible to avoid FIFA’s World Cup – until now. The new, clever anti-foot can contains an infra red remote control electronic device that switches off TVs showing matches without anyone finding out who has done it.


The stunt is led by a viral ad which purports to be secret film from a ‘can test’ showing a mischievous drinker shutting off the TV whilst showing the opening game of the World Cup to a packed audience.


Surprise, surprise, those gathered to watch the first match of Brazil 2014 were not best pleased.



The brand also posted an English language version of the French stunt.



It claims to work within three meters of any TV and all those fed up with football need to do is just press the button on the can.


But the magic can can’t simply be bought at retailers, but it can only be won through the brand’s social media contests running on its Facebook and Twitter pages.


Thus the online spots drive viewers top the brand’s twitter feed at https://twitter.com/oranginafrance using the hashtag #CanetteAntifoot where a slew of engagement initiative sbased around the idea are activated – from Vine clips and Suarez memes to competitions.


The campaign, which has been developed in tandem with digital creative group Fred & Farid Paris, is further supported with imaging and digital work that spans pictures of campaign projections onto the Arc De Triumph to more traditional ad executions.




When everyone else zigs – zag!


This campaign for the 0% added sugar brand variant, which targets the 37 million across France who don’t like football (or, err, ‘young women’), might have seemed a sensible idea when first conceived – not least because the chances of a backlash seemed low as in 2010 the French football team was widely scorned for its poor performance and public squabbling.


But France’s improved showing in Brazil may set this mock campaign in a different light.


Of course, the campaign is tongue-in-cheek and at its heart it is really is a football-led content engagement idea leveraging Brazil 2014 that is simply wrapped as an anti-football initiative.




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