Yahoo Vancouver 2010 Mobile Site Gets Sponsors


If you’re so mad keen on ice and snow sports then Yahoo is offering an up to the minute mobile Winter Olympics site for those on the move. Yahoo’s mobile Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games service has real time results, events schedule, medal counts, expert commentary and more. But sadly it lacks video content.


The site also includes in-depth profiles of competing athletes and detailed reviews of all 15 sports included in the Winter Olympics.


The site is available in English for 13 countries, including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore and Spain.


Despite what some may view as limited content (no live feeds, little video footage etc), the site has managed to attract sponsorship from big brands such as Visa and Samsung – both of which have a strong heritage in Olympic and big global sports event sponsorship.


The mobile site also links with Yahoo’s spectator experience at the Realworld Fancouver entertainment HQ – an augmented reality (AR) facility that utilises motion sensor technology to create augmented clothing for passers-by while overlaying local information and Olympic updates. The space also offers visitors and customers free streaming of events, hot drinks and some star snow athlete appearances.


A Flickr stream has also been set up and visitors are invited to upload their own photos of the experience and the Games.




Perhaps it is Yahoo’s strong news and sports record and heritage (it has a strong tie-up with Eurosport in Europe) that attracted the sponsors to the site. Such high profile backers and advertisers certainly offer an element of credibility to / endorsement of the mobile site.


And perhaps there will be more sponsors as and when Yahoo adds video content to such initiatives – like the recent YouTube deal to screen live cricket.







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