Vodafone’s ‘Get Away With It’ Cricket vBook & Mobile App


Worried about missing any of this summer’s Australian cricket action? Vodafone has just the solution for you – the vBook.


A vBook looks like any old regular book, but it has a secret compartment for your phone so it gives the illusion to those around you that you are reading a regular book, but actually enables you to catch all the action.


This slightly silly initiative sees the mobile telecoms giant Vodafone activate around its sponsorship of Australian test cricket by helping Aussies sneakily follow the cricket whilst pretending to be doing something more constructive.


A series of special, sneaky books enable cricket lovers to pretend that they are doing something other than, err, well, watching cricket.


The series of fake ‘vBooks’ all have fascinating titles like Backyard Crustaceans, Matchstick Viking ships, and Handmade Gifts of Love. But more importantly they all have a handy hole in the middle for cricket fans to insert their smartphone and sneakily catch up on the scores via the Vodafone Cricket Live Australia app.


The app features the full match schedule, cricket news, lives scores, statistics and highlights.


To receive their free vBook cricket fans have to enter their details on Vodafone’s website. For those not patient enough to wait for their book in the post, the covers are also available to download and print from the website.


The Getting Away With It campaign, via Ogilvy, Sydney, is being promoted with videos of Australian cricketers including Michael Clarke, Ben Hilfenhaus, Peter Siddle and David Warner talking about their favourite vBooks in a library.







Of course, the books themselves are little more than publicity seeking bits of branded fun.


The real activation here is the live cricket app itself.


Of course, what the books do is recognise the fact that the brand realises that one of the major barriers fans face when wanting to follow the cricket is to find the time and opportunity to do so instead of all the things they are actually meant to be doing instead.


So it’s really an exercise in demonstrating understanding and goodwill amongst cricket lovers.







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