Twix & Absolute Radio Happy Together At Tea

As part of Twix’s new ‘Happy Together’ big idea – which aims to encourage people to down tools, relax with a cup of tea and enjoy the chocolate bar – Twix became the sponsor of Absolute Radio’s weekday afternoon show.


Airing between 1pm – 5pm, the afternoon ‘Tea With Twix’ show aimed to amplify the ‘Twix and Tea – Happy Together’ message in a fun, upbeat and engaging way. The objective being to link the bar to mid afternoon hunger pangs.


In-show sweepers helped to build an association between Twix and Afternoon Tea: specifically the relationship between Twix and a cup of tea and how happy they were together.


Absolute created a daily Happy Together feature, engaging the audience further by asking them to guess the connection between two songs.


The radio show also invited the UK’s workplaces to become our Great British Workplace of the Day; rewarding them if their workplace was read out by playing their requested songs, and sending them an afternoon hamper packed full of mugs, tea bags and Twix to form the perfect afternoon tea break.


There is also a Twix-branded afternoon tea microsite housed on the station website added to the sponsorship with loads of online content and competitions.




All about timing, this sponsorship provided Twix with access to consumers at the traditional tea break time in the afternoon. The sponsorship helped contribute to Twix brand growth of 10%.


Indeed, all brand metrics have moved positively over the sponsorship timeframe.








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