The FA’s ’90 Mins To Change Our World’ Spot Unveils New Game-Changing 4-Year Strategy

On 13 January 2021, The FA launched a 100-second online video called ’90 Minutes To Change Our World’ to promote FA the governing body of English football’s new four-year strategy.


Launched into an environment in which, according to The FA, the importance of football to society has been clearer than ever as it offered positive health and much-needed entertainment benefits during the pandemic, the four-year 2020 – 2024 strategy reflects this societal impact and purpose and introduces the new manifesto – ’90 Minutes To Change Our world.’


The strategy has six ‘game-changer’ objectives: transforming digital platforms aimed at both participation and organisation of football, giving every girl the same chance as every boy to play the sport, working with the Premier League to build or improve 5,000 pitches across the country, bringing its ‘full weight’ into the fight against discrimination, and growing the domestic competitions it organises such as the Emirates FA Cup, Vitality Women’s FA Cup and Barclays FA Women’s Super League.


“In England, football must be a game where the opportunities for every girl to play are the same as for every boy. A game in which, wherever you live, you have easy access to a great, affordable facility on which to play. A game run by the latest digital tools – easily administered from a phone as part of everyday life, lessening the burden on our wonderful volunteers,” said The FA CEO Mark Bullingham.


“Football must be a game which embraces diversity and battles discrimination.  Everyone must be made to feel welcome on our pitches and our terraces. Discrimination is an unacceptable societal issue that football must play a key role in tackling. In delivering this strategy, we’ll seize on the remarkable togetherness and resilience our national game has shown in the face of COVID-19 and use it as a force for good.”






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