Skoda Puzzle Links Channel 5 Crime To YouTube Quiz


Skoda unveil a new TV-online puzzle-based campaign to engage audiences and activate its sponsorship of Channel 5’s US Crime Drama thread.


Using clues in pre-programme bumper idents to drive viewers to the Skoda Puzzle site, the work revolves around a series of YouTube videos which can be used to solve a set of individual mysteries.


There will be 10 weekly puzzles through the initial period of the sponsorship and each one offers viewers the chance to win a prize. To take part you have to solve every clue! The top prize is a Skoda Fabia.


Each ad break is topped and tailed by a short Skoda Puzzle spot each of which provides clues to an online trail with the ultimate aim of finding a hidden Skoda somewhere in the UK. For those who get stuck and need further clues, hints and tips are available on the Skoda Puzzle Facebook and Twitter pages.


The campaign is being heavily promoted through social media channels so even those who are not fans of US crime drama can still engage.




Innovative, cross-media and different, the campaign certainly cuts through the clutter. It stands out compared to a slew of other indistinguishable branded sponsorship bumpers.


Perhaps it is only the narrow time window – both in terms of the short spurt of the sponsorship and the late hour time slot of the final competition – that could be criticised.










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