Rolls-Royce & Rankin Partner For Ecstasy Show

Rolls-Royce partnered with photographer Ian Rankin to celebrate 100 years since the creation of the luxury car brand’s iconic Spirit Of Ecstasy.



The premium automotive outfit commissioned Rankin to capture 100 contemporary images of the female form that are inspired by Rolls-Royce’s renowned symbol, including her power, speed and beauty.


Rankin himself said it was one of the biggest partnerships he had ever taken on. It took him more than a year to put together the collection of prints.


The art show is being showcased exclusively at Rolls-Royce Motor Car events and dealerships around the world – including London, LA, Beijing and Sydney, before finishing in Cologne.


This partnership aims to create original and powerful content for an upmarket audience that is passionate about the arts and craftsmanship.


The images are also being used to create marketing, promotional aand paartoiculkarly direct mail collateral for the car brand. So the campaign’s reach stretches from galleries and car showrooms in to consumers’ homes.




A brand alliance that makes sense because it is a partnership between a contemporary British brand icon and a heritage one. Both represent classic British craftsmanship and contemporary engineering.


A classic old-school band like Rolls-Royce needs to continually link with the modern world to remain relevant.







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