Pepsi’s Gatorade ‘Sweat It’ Spot Ambushes World Cup

June saw PepsiCo sports drink Gatorade crashed in on the World Cup party (and on official sponsor and Coca-Cola-owned rival Powerade) with the 12 June launch of a new football-focused campaign all about  ‘sweat’.


‘Sweat It. Get It’ explores what athletes sacrifice in sweat and what Gatorade helps them replace.


It is fronted by several sports star brand ambassadors including World Cup rivals Lionel Messi (Argentina) and David Luiz (Brazil) and explores what they lose in sweat in terms of their training and match day effort.


And, of course, how the drink replaces the liquids and minerals lost through the sweat.


The ad includes the copy:


‘Because with every brutal practice, lonely workout, hard win or loss, athletes leave a little piece of themselves behind. Sweat. It says, “I was here, and I gave it my all.’



The spot closes with the brand’s ‘Win From Within’ tagline and by driving viewers online to find further information about how the brand can help replace what you sweat out at http://www.gatorade.com.




Gatorade isn’t the only non-FIFA sponsor to activate around the World Cup using the theme of sweat.


England team sponsor (and Suntory-owned sports drink) Lucozade ran a more experiential (and more engaging) and relevant campaign fronted by Steven Gerrard and simulating the effects of the heat on the players in Brazil.


See case study.


While official FIFA sports drink partner Powerade’s global World Cup work is fronted by Spain star Andres Iniesta and spans traditional advertising, plus a set of documentaries that includes the powerful ‘Nico’s Story’ which has racked up around two million YouTube views to date.


See case study.




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