Pedigree & Battersea’s Artic Dog Sled Challenge

Pedigree, official dog food supplier to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, is running a blog on its own brand site, Twitter and Facebook pages charting the adventures of fundraiser Gary Woods as he treks across the Arctic for the famous London pet rescue centre.


The Arctic Dog Sledding Challenge offers a fund raising opportunity and a trip of a lifetime – sledding through breathtaking terrain whilst helping the thousands of dogs and cats that Battersea care for each year.


UK participants, who can only apply only via Battersea, have the chance to lead their own team of huskies over 200 kilometres into the wilds of the most northern European country – Norway.


This adventurous challenge sees temperatures falling as low as 30 degrees so sees he real essence of man-dog teamwork is truly tested in this hostile arctic environment. The registration fee is £250 and the minimum sponsorship is £4,000.


Of course, in the digital content, as well as daily posts from participants, the dog food brand still find times to promote its own sponsorship: “We really admire everything that Battersea Dogs & Cats Home do and try to help them – it’s why we donate our food to help nearly 10,000 dogs a year that come through their doors across their three sites.”




Part of a wider partnership between the dog food brand and the famous London pet rescue home, which includes a food partnership, a pet garden, branding, online training videos and gift packages, this media share programme is another interesting angle on an integrated partnership.


By Leveraging its own media platforms to promote fund raising, Pedigree brings to life the event and champions the cause.





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