NBA All-Star Tech: 360-freeD, Virtual Mirror & Live Stream

The NBA has a track record of engaging through social media channels and developing the league via new technology led initiatives and the annual All-Star game has become something of a flagship event for such initiatives.


In addition to debut of the NBA All-Star Jam Sessions innovative RFID fan bands (see previous case study), a slew of other innovative technologies have been rolled out during February’s hosted the 63rd NBA All-Star weekend in New Orleans.


These have come from both the league itself and from its partners and focus on both the in-person fan experience, as well as the digital and broadcast spectator.


The 63rd NBA All- Star Weekend included an array of tech inventions to enhance the fan’s screen based experience of the festivities.


One standout innovation at the ‘Sprite Slam Dunk Contest’ saw the NBA use freeD technology to create a unique viewing experience via 22 high-speed 5K Ultra HD cameras.


The cameras captured dunk action from every imaginable angle, creating a full 360-degree replay in slow motion.


See this clip on the NBA’s own video channel,








This aims to enhance the game viewing experience, but also has potential to improve refereeing and officiating of instant replays.


Other sports take note!


Another fresh fashion gadget saw Cisco and StyleMe bring a vision of future shopping to the All-Star Weekend through a virtual fashion mirror.


The device enables users to both browse and try on official NBA gear in a virtual mirror and StyleMe then allows consumers to take a picture that can be stored in a digital wardrobe and/or shared through social channels.


As part of the NBA’s All-Star Jam Session, a picture enables fans to get a 20% discount at the NBA store.



Official NBA credit card partner American Express streaming the All- Star weekend live for those not able to make the trip or get hold of a ticket.


As well as the live coverage, the payments partner also provided exclusive digital and social media experiences – which included giving fans a chance to interact with All-Star players via Twitter.


The ‘Off The Court’ initiative enables interaction through live streams and gives fans a chance to choose which of the featured players they want to engage with.


Furthermore, the American Express backed ‘Off The Court’ initiative also saw the brand host behind-the-scenes and on-demand All-Star content.


This builds on the November 2013 announcement between the NBA and American Express launching the ‘Off The Court’ digital destination partnership aimed at bringing the game and its top players to life for fans by exploring shared personal passions, pursuits and interests.


These spans a variety of (often unlikely) subjects, such as January 2014’s Chris Bosch cooking clip





The All-Star Weekend has become something a flagship NBA partner activation platform – both for those fans attending live and for basketball spectators around the world.


Indeed, whilst the event has traditionally been designed as a participatory experience enabling fans to get close to the game and the stars, it is now broadcast in 215 countries and covered in 47 languages.


Indeed some of the latest 2014 new tech led initiatives will ensure both at-game fans and those following from afar are able to get closer to the game and the players.




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