Intel/MTV’s Music Experiment: Social Creative Challenges 4 Free Gig Tickets

Music Experiment 2.0, an ongoing Intel/MTV alliance in which hip bands are booked to play secret shows in non-traditional venues and together they co-create an immersive experience for and by fans that are powered by Intel products.


In summary, The Music Experiment” was a series of social media-driven, free, live shows held at secret locations in four select cities nationwide.


The experience began at musicexperiment.com, where fans engaged with high-altitude, interactive maps hinting at the ticket pick-up location of 4 hidden shows.


Fan tweets using #musicexperiment incrementally zoomed in the maps, geo-targeting the location of the tickets and venue.


Engagement continued as fans entered trivia contests on Facebook, attended shows and participated in videos featured on MTV’s on-air, online and social media platforms.


Each event featured uniquely themed musical performances in unusual, visually stunning venues.


An installation featuring Ultrabooks, powered by Intel and loaded with a custom Instagram app, allowed attendees to instantly print event photos, share them to Instagram, and project them on the walls of the venue.


The video content generated from each show included performance highlights and audience participation.


The Music Experiment is an innovative multi-platform music series fusing music, art and technology: a partnership between Intel & MTV Iggy to engage millennials primarily with the Ultrabook and which aimed to convert them into Interl brand lovers.


From start to finish The Music Experiment created an inherently social experience where fans engaged across multiple platforms including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


The fan experience at the events created a sense of community, and brought not only the artists closer to the fans, but fans closer to each other. Looking to be part of this unique experience, fans were highly engaged in all areas of The Music Experiment and with the Intel brand.





For the Intel brand, results suggest this experiment has paid off big time.


Campaign research suggests fans were 135% more likely to have seen advertising for the Intel Inspired Ultrabook than the average laptop/notebook.


That they were 80% more likely to be interested in Intel’s overall brand and 175% more likely to consider purchasing an Intel Inspired Ultrabook.


Overall, the millennial target demographic generated 180 million impressions – of which 74 million of which were digital.


No wonder then that of the 22 different experiential events sponsored by the world’s largest computer chip maker in 2012, only the MTV Iggy Music Experiement was renewed for 2013




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