ING’s YouTube Channel Supports F1 Sponsorship


Autumn 2008 saw the Dutch banking brand launched a YouTube channel to support its sponsorship of Formula One and the ING Renault F1 Team.


The digital video channel was set up initially to host a series of short films entitled ‘ING Explains’. It aims to provide a behind-the-scenes look into the world of F1 and show what the sport is all about.


The titles include ‘Driving an F1 Car’, ‘Carbonfibre’, ‘The Look of an F1 Car’ and ‘Working in F1’. Each individual film aims to unveil unique insights about the motor sport. The series of five individual films, ING Explains has been created to answer common questions in the sport, such as ‘what are F1 cars made of?’, ‘what’s it like to drive an F1 car?’ and ‘how do I get a job in F1?’.


The work showcases the thoughts of engineering staff to first-hand experience of what it is like to drive an F1 car.


The approach aims to reflect the bank’s own strategy. Isabelle Conner, Head of Marketing for ING Group, commented: “Just as ING is dedicated to making financial services easier, so we are determined to use our access in Formula 1 to make it easier for of F1 fans to find out more about their favourite sport.”


The content was also made available at ING’s own online video hub.




As one of the sport’s major and most visible backers, ING has turned its own knowledge of and access to the ING Renault F1 Team into a campaign. Providing fans with a unique, behind the scenes view of the team’s UK base, interviewing staff and gaining access to exclusive on-track footage, to give unique access and insight into the globally popular sport seems like a clever move.


Turning its own sponsorship knowledge into interesting and engaging content is a 360 approach to making the most of this unique access.


A core original objective behind the brand’s move into F1 was to bring its brand recognition internationally up to levels that actually matched its global operations. With campaigns such as this, it seems that its activation of the partnership has moved on to more sophisticated levels of consumer engagement.





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