Heineken’s Personal U-Code Campaign At Opener Festival


Unsurprisingly, considering their huge audiences of tech savvy young music fans armed with smartphones and eager to meet likeminded people, music festivals have become prime properties for sponsor tagging initiatives focused on linking people.


For example, at the 2011 Heineken sponsored Opener Music Festival in Gydynia (Poland’s biggest music festival), the name sponsor developed a new way for strangers at the festival to converse and connect – U-Codes.


These are essentially personalised QR codes that promote a desired message to anyone who scans you.


To get involved, festival goers were invited to the visit the Heineken U-Code Dome in order to setup, personalise and print their own QR code stickers.


They could then place these across the site and, when scanned by anyone else, it showcased their individual message and put them in direct connection.


The simple idea was to kick start conversations.







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