Heineken & Spotify Link On Finnish Festival Playlist App

Early June saw the international beer brand launch a user-generated playlist competition for Finnish music festivals called ‘Playlist Guru’.


Heineken has collaborated with Finnish agency 358 Helsinki to build a Facebook-based music tool that enables users to create Spotify playlists for three Finnish music festivals: Turku Modern, Kuudes Aisti and Blockfest.


Users simply pick one of the three festivals, create their own playlist and then hope the others participating in the campaign and festivalgoer’s vote for their playlists.


Each user’s playlists can consist of 20 tracks and can be made available to other users and festival goers who are also able to comment on them or just ‘Like’ them.


There is a competition element to the initiative which enters those who created the most popular playlists into a draw for festival tickets. Furthermore, the most successful and popular creators will also have their own playlists getting airtime on Finnish radio stationbasso.fi.




A sweet and simple method of boosting the beer brand’s festival sponsorship


This is not the first brand partnership with Spotify and similar music entities in recent months.


These range from Pepsi’s work with Pandora at The GRAMMY’s in the US (see previous case study), to Coca-Cola’s collaboration with Spotify at Hacken (see previous case study).


Another of the more interesting recent initiatives in this space came from Kopparberg. Last month saw the cider brand develop an app that blended Last.fm’s listening data with Spotify’s streaming service into a playlist generator for this summer’s UK music festival circuit.


See previous case study.
















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