Filipino Brand Float Swimwear’s Instagram Body Positive ‘Real Girls’ Campaign

Late 2020 and early 2021 saw Float Swimwear, a Philippines-based swimwear brand, launch a new body positive ‘Real Girls’ Instagram-led campaign to promote the validity and acceptance of all body types – regardless of shape or size .


The campaign was spearheaded by a series of images from a model photo shoot without any type of retouching and CGI. Thus the creative includes everyday bodies with everyday ‘imperfections’ from cellulite and stretch marks, to wrinkles and folds.


The images became the campaign creative amplified across the brand’s official Instagram feed alongside copy reflecting on the value of self-esteem and the importance of making visible and normalising all types of bodies in advertising projects in the fashion sector .










The idea was initially proposed by Float Swimwear co-founder Tracianne Estrada and was executed by photographer Anj Angeles. 


The objective of the initiative was to bring the brand closer to the reality of the world’s women without falling into aesthetic prototypes.


“I am fed up with the comments that judge women’s bodies; it is time to forget acts of hatred and resentment and time for people should accept that each body is unique regardless of shape or size, and simply choose to enjoy it for what it is,” said Estrada.


“I grew up thinking that I had to wait until I was 40 kilos and my face was free of all my birthmarks. But Anj approached me with the vision of the shoot, of strong women in different shapes and sizes, as if it were the most sensible idea for a swimwear campaign,” added one of the campaign models, Elora. “The brand is a pioneers and is part of the evolution in female care and self-love which is changing the way the world can look at itself in the mirror.”




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