Eurostar’s Digital National Gallery St Pancras Show

Eurostar and the National Gallery partnered to create Station Masters – the world’s first interactive digital art gallery for international travellers. An exhibition for the millions of rail passengers passing through the London station heading for mainland Europe.


Located in Eurostar’s St Pancras departure lounge, Station masters is an interactive gallery displaying a selection of the National Gallery’s most popular Western European pictures. Linking the art to the travellers’ destinations


Leveraging trends for personalisation and customisation, the digital gallery invites passengers National Gallery’s 100-strong selection – including masterpieces by Leonardo da Vinci, Rubens, Titian, Holbein, Caravaggio, Constable, Van Gogh and Monet.
Travellers choose their painting by taking a sofa-style seat at one of six tailor-made, touch-screen coffee tables. After searching the database, the picture they select is displayed on one of six free-standing plasma screens situated within the brick archways that run along the eastern wall of the departure lounge, thus creating a constantly evolving art gallery for fellow travellers.


The objective is to inspire passengers of all ages and includes interactive tools to explore the paintings. Users can zoom in on a chosen picture to discover hidden details and artistic secrets that are often impossible to see in a conventional gallery setting


Each work includes a descriptive text – English, French and Flemish – linking it to one of the central themes.
Travellers can also use Station Masters send an e-card of their favourite painting to friends or relatives with a short message before departure.


The digital gallery is free of charge.




By using a restored architectural gem as a gallery space for some of the National Gallery’s most historic paintings, the scheme enhances the art experience of rail passengers, provides a constructive outlet for those with waiting time on their hands and acts as introductory link to the countries which they are travelling to.


It also uses new technologies to make great art accessible for travellers of all ages and nationalities on personal and shareable basis.







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