Durex Targets Youth Via MTV Dance Sponsorship

Durex launches a pan European on-air sponsorship of MTV dance show ‘Dance Floor Charta’ as part of a wider campaign to reverse existing brand perceptions that it is an ‘old fashioned’ brand among 18 to 24-year-olds.


The campaign, orchestrated by McCann Erickson, came after Durex research found that (despite its brand leadership position) young condom users were increasingly rejecting Durex because it is ‘the brand my dad used’.


So, without alienating core, older users, the solution was an integrated initiative spearheaded by sponsoring MTV dance content and also included live dance events, PR, online and ambient media.


Running under the tagline ‘Durex – for a hundred million reasons’ (as 100m sperm are released in every male ejaculation) – the €5m campaign was built around insight that 20m young European go clubbing every month. This is further amplified through dance music and club culture in commercials, media, writing and fashion.


The sponsorship programme provides targeted broadcast airtime presence, brand association through sponsorship and live event marketing allowing sampling. So in addition to backing ‘Dance Floor Charta’, Durex also sponsored club nights across major European cities – including a showcase party at Ibiza’s ‘Privilege’ (the largest club in the world).


There were also live events and public holiday elements (such as Valentine’s Day) which saw ‘Sperm Men’ parade through the streets demanding that Durex be banned.


The online hub at www.durexdance.com was promoted on all advertising and sponsorship collateral and encouraged users to register wwith a prize draw. The site also offered city guides on local dance scenes and there were also links to MTV website as well as www.durex.com.




A cleverly integrated international campaign that combined sponsorship with ambient and traditional media to create a well-rounded campaign in a space that its target naturally inhabit.


This campaign was well awarded across Europe – with two Effies amongst the gongs it picked up.










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