Fox’s Rio Ties With Angry Birds For Super Bowl

Even some of those planning Super Bowl commercials understand that multi-tasking is a reality that even the great American big game can’t prevent. Statistics suggest more than half of those watching the game in the USA will be simultaneously communicating over another device other than the television set – be that email, text, telephone, online or social media. Movie studio 20th Century Fox leveraged this insight in its Super Bowl marketing for the new animated movie Rio.


The film marketers partnered with hot online game Angry Bird and inserting a code within the frames of its big game TV spot. The clue came 26 seconds into the TV spot. It directed viewers to a special online Angry Bird gaming level. Gamers were directed to a special hidden egg on level 13-12 –part of the latest version released on iPhone and Android devices in late January.


Those who cracked the code and completed the game level won a VIP trip to the film premiere.




Games are passing films in terms of revenue generation. Movie makers have long recognised the power of in game advertising and gaming collaborations. This tie-in is both original and timely. After all, everyone seems to be talking about Angry Birds at the moment.


For those who haven’t played the game, it is a smartphone-based puzzle which sees players use a sling to hurl birds at pigs. With 50 million plus downloads of the game across all platforms – from Apple’s app store to pre-installed versions on handset – it has been a runaway hit.


Rio\’s Angry Birds Super Bowl \’Hidden Code\’ Spot


Rio\’s Angry Birds Trailer – YouTube

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