DFS Launches Crufts Online TV Channel


DFS, the title sponsor of  the Kennel Club’s annual Crufts show, is backing an online digital TV channel carrying online highlights of the event.


DFSCrufts.tv not only provides free live digital coverage of the 2011 event, but also streams classic lips of event highlights and winners from the 1980’s and 90’s.


DFS, is working with both The Kennel Club, Sunset & Vine and More4 to enhance the live coverage of the four-day event.


DFS is the principal sponsor of Crufts 2011. The event, long toought-of as part of the fabric of British life, shines the spotlight of dogs in the competition ring and the furniture brand attempts to connect this with the more familiar and homely habit of consuemrs cuddling up with their pets on the sofa. Indeed, DFS emphasises the ‘comfortable’ in the event’s tagline that it is dedicated to ‘ensuring that dogs have happy, healthy and comfortable lives.’


DFS replaced long term principle sponsor Pedigree, which pulled its £500,000 per year sponsorship after 40 years in 2008. The dog food giant brought an end to its partnership in a year that saw serious RSPCA, The Dogs Trust and BBC criticism of The Kennel Club’s Crufts event.



Crufts has long been a bastion of the British Establishment – standing for tradition and heritage. An online TV channel for 2011 suggests that thee event might finally be dragging itself into the 21st Century.






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