Presidente Runs Festival Sponsorship TV Show

Presidente Beer continues to act as both sponsor and organiser of the three-day Presidente Latin Music Festival. The beer brand has backed the event, which is thee biggest music event in thee Dominican Republic, since 1995.


The September 2010 event was marketed by a multimedia campaign developed by Presidente marketers in partnership with Young & Rubicam Dominican. The was spearheaded by a branded entertainment style TV show created for the festival dedicated to discovering ‘the new voice’ of this year’s Festival.


Two months before the event kicked off, two TV spots (‘Bathroom’ and ‘Kitchen’) ran and invited amateur singers to showcase their talents and enter a competition for a slot on the ‘A Star for the Festival’ TV programme.


More than 160,000 people entered the contest by registering online at www.unaestrellaparaelfestival.com or by calling a free phone number.


The judging was done by a specialist jury and the audience also voted via SMS for their favourite singers. The winner won a prized slot on stage at the festival.


The agency set up two different websites for the Festival and the TV show as well as Facebook and Twitter sites. With 150,000 hits on the festival site, 53,500 Facebook fans and 13,000 Twitter followers, the campaign statistics suggest the strategy succeeded expectations.


In the lead up to the festival, Presidente sponsored special parties with famous DJs and organized trivia competitions on social networks for free tickets.




Leveraging global trends for singing talent shows, this sponsor created its own branded entertainment format to connect everyday consumers and music fans with the stars of the festival. This strategy created a profitable TV show that was a marketing vehicle for the brand’s big festival.


Vertical marketing in action.











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