#PirloIsNotImpressed Juve Fan Challenge Goes Viral

It certainly seems to take a lot to make the coolest man in the history of world football raise an eyebrow in impressed awe.


Are you up to the challenge?


Juggling knives, singing opera arias, or just being an attractive bikini-clad surfer don’t seem to do the trick.


Andrea Pirlo doesn’t seem in the slightest bit impressed by any of them in this new Juventus web film.



It is the Italian club’s newest social campaign and it aims to incentivise fans to send in their own videos of their top talents in order to try and impress the Italy legend using the hashtag #pirloisnotimpressed.


Be warned, it is not easy to impress Pirlo.


He skills are silky and he may seem suave,sophisticated and well quaffed, but he’ll be sullen unless someone impresses him.


Filmed recently while the Bianconeri were on a pre-season tour of Australia and launched on the club’s own YouTube channel.


There is only thing that Andrea Pirlo truly loves in this world and that, dear friends, is his Playstation.




Juventus are becoming something of a digital pioneer amongst Serie A clubs and #PirloIsNotImpressed has become something of a global trend since its late August launch.


Within 10 days it had racked up 1.5 million YouTube and Facebook views and the hashtag boasts a reach of around 20 million (accoridng to Juve themselves).


At ‘peak Pirlo’ the #PirloIsNotImpressed hashtag was being used around 3,000 times per day.


It even jumped the shark and was socially adopted outside the football space as people applied #PirloIsNotImpressed hashtag to pretty much everything they were underwhelmed by.


This initiative iss certainly engaging Juve fans, football supporters and reaching out beyond the soccer space too.


Perhaps Pirlo has a sufficiently cult following that the campaign could continue to have a life of its own for a while yet.




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