Nike Mexico Online Auction: Pay In Kilometres Not Cash


The US-based sportswear giant is encouraging engagement with Nike+ in Mexico by letting runners pay for exclusive Nike products with kilometres instead of cash.


Nike Mexico ran an online auction site to sell a set of exclusive products. But the auction had a twist – the only currency one could pay with was kilometres they had run.


The initiative is a local activation of the brand’s global umbrella 2012 #MakeItCount campaign. This programme, developed in association with JWT Mexico, aimed to promote both Nike’s new shoes and its Nike+ tracking community.


The core idea was simply to encourage consumers to use the new Nike+ sneakers – teched-up shoes which track movement, count steps and calories and upload each wearer’s workout to specially designed software so that training regimes can be tracked, monitored and refined.


While people run in the trainers they will accumulate digital ‘virtual kilometers’ which they can later use to win the product’s online auctions.


Nike will start a different auction twice every week through the campaign at the Nike Mexico Facebook Fan Site. Each sale event will focus on a different product or product range. For example the first auction earlier this Spring was for the new Nike Free Run+ 5.0 for women: a running shoe designed to provide the sensation of running barefoot.


The initiative is simple to participate in. Consumers simply need to have a registered Nike+ account.


Registered users will be then bid for auction items using their kilometres and the best offer (the most kilometers bid) wins.


On the site, runners will also find a full list of the best offers as well as links to the Nike Running website which hosts full information about the Nike+ product line.




Rival adidas has also been active in this transformative tracking and chipped product space with its miCoach initiative coupled with its F50 speedcell chipped boots.






This initiative shows that Nike understands the motivations and needs of the running community and by morphing real world activity/commitment into digital currency they are offering real, useful rewards all within the Nike universe.


This idea of activity as currency has been taken to the next level in this year’s Nike’s Fuelband project which turns output into Nike Fuel. See previous case study.


Rival adidas has also been active in this transformative tracking space with its miCoach software and its linked F50 SpeedCell chipped boots. See previous case study.











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